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Our tasting kits will transport you in a short time to your favourite whisky. You don't have to spend a lot of money before you find your favourite whisky.  Try out  every day new tasting kits, or make your own from all available whiskies in build your own kit.
Kits are available in a range from a starter kit  'The Regions of Scotland' to the unique (and no longer available) vintage bottles from 1920 onwards in 'Old & Rare Kits'.

Every Tasting Kit consists of 6 x 25 ml glass containers. In the Tasting Kit a leaflet tells you more about each whisky. When you want to know where to buy your favourite whisky (IF AVAILABLE), type in your product number or go to the kit and click on the whisky of your choice. (white sealing stickers are  used for 'build your own kits). We try to give you as much choice as possible so there will be composed Kits by liqour stores and other interested parties. whisky per post

sample kit

Nosing & Tasting Kits are available from € 17,50

In our shop you will find every month new Nosing Kits. If you want to know when there are new releases please fill in the form and we will mail you when a new Kit is released. Most of the Kits will contain perfect Old Blends and Single Cask Malt whisky.  Most Kits are limited.



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The left version (red) is the Malt packaging

The right version (green) is the Old & Rare & Old Blends packaging