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What content can you expect and how do you have an enjoyable 'nosing and tasting' evening. A kit with 6 tubes (each containing 25 ml) is enough to have a nice tasting with 2 persons. On every tube you'll find a short description of the content. On our website you can find more information most of the times in more deptrh as well. 

What kind of content is available? 
Any kind of whisky. From all around the world. New releases. Old and rare ones. Very limited editions. Expensive ones and sometimes also the less expensive ones. And if we can find special bottles, we also will deliver rum, cognac or grappa.

There will be Kits from other suppliers f.i. from specialized liquor stores. Want to keep informed? You can subsribe to our newsletter. 

What you need for a enjoyable Nosing & Tasting evening for two: 

  • enough tasting glasses (6 or 12 would be great)
  • enough water to clean your palate / rinse your mouth
  • water (so you can put some drups to your whisky when needed)
  • a friend or girlfriend to share & enjoy it with
  • at least a Nosing & Tasting Kit